• 2015

This feature length movie captures the chilling drama within the Australian submarine AE2 as her crew attempt to pass through the heavily mined Gallipoli Narrows on Anzac Day 1915.

In April 1915  the Australian submarine AE2 achieved a goal that had eluded the combined might of the British and French navies. It passed undetected through the perilous mine fields of the Dardanelles and into the Sea of Marmara where it was able to threaten Turkish shipping and prevent reinforcements reaching Gallipoli. The story of how Lieutenant Commander Dacre Stoker and his crew achieved this feat and what happened to them afterwards is a dramatic and spine tingling story that will make a wonderful feature film. The determination of the 32 men, crammed into this 30 metre metal tube is the stuff of legend.  Told to sneak through the narrows and “run amok” by sinking Turkish shipping, the men of AE2 fulfill their orders only to be betrayed by circumstances beyond their control. This is a war movie with a difference where the drama comes not from bullets and shells but the scrape of mine wires against the  hull of a highly vulnerable and primitive submarine. This movie will appeal to an Australian and international audience. The direct connection with Gallipoli ensures interest in Australia while the submarine genre is firmly established overseas.

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