Sensible Films is a production company dedicated to making film and television projects that attempt to make sense of the world and its history. That doesn’t mean films that are necessarily dry and intellectual because understanding is as much an emotional as well as a mental experience.  In fact the real objective of Sensible Films is to make films that move people because of their appeal to the intellect, not in spite of it.


John Moore  (1949 – 2019)

John Moore was one of Australia’s leading documentary producers and founder of Sensible Films and 360 Degree Films (with Sally Ingleton)

His many film awards include an Australian Film Institute Award for Best TV Documentary for GUNS & ROSES (1991), best documentary at the Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals for BLACK MAN’S HOUSES (1993) and the $15,000 NSW Premiers History Award for THOMSON OF ARNHEM LAND (2001).

John produced PUTUPARRI AND THE RAINMAKERS (2016), a feature documentary that won Australia’s richest film prize, the Cinefest Oz prize.

John’s dedication to the industry, to filmmakers and to the art of telling stories via the documentary form is legendary. He will be greatly missed by his friends, family and the documentary community in Australia.

If you have any enquiries about John’s projects, please email info@sensiblefilms.com.au

Lisa Horler

Lisa Horler_headshot

Lisa Horler is an experienced documentary producer, writer and director working across feature and television documentary. She has worked with Sensible Films since 2014 having collaborated with Sensible Films founder and producer John Moore since 2007.

Lisa produced ALONE IN A CROWDED ROOM and SPERM DONORS ANONYMOUS (ATOM Science Award) for ABC Television. Both television hour documentaries were directed by Lucy Paplinska.

Lisa produced the FREEDOM STORIES feature documentary project, a theatrical documentary celebrating the achievements of former asylum seekers living in Australia. Directed by Steve Thomas, you can visit the website here. (insert link to www.freedomstoriesproject.com)

Lisa is currently working at the ABC on Gardening Australia. She is now the sole director of Sensible Films.

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